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Sanitizing Wash Process

Blankets are washed in commercial front-loading machines in cool water using an eco-friendly, PH-balanced laundry solution.  Our sanitizing wash process eliminates manure, urine, mud, bacteria, and viruses.  Extra care is taken to remove hair and to hand-clean velcro.  Blankets are air-dried to prevent shrinkage.  Only a professional laundry service can offer this level of care.  Please scroll down to view our Price List. 

Durable, Attractive Repairs

Our repair shop is stocked with a variety of hardware, material, velcro and webbing.  From patching a small hole or replacing a surcingle, to reconstructing a blown-out gusset or customizing a chest closure, we’ve got you covered!  Check out our gallery for pictures of our repair work.

Water Repellency Restored

One of the main reasons for purchasing a turnout blanket is water repellency.  Quality durable water repellent (DWR) applied by the manufacturer should last at least two seasons, provided your blanket has been cared for properly.  Our wash process does not destroy water repellency. In fact, it rejuvenates and maintains it so that your horse stays dry.  We test each clean blanket for water repellency and contact you if the results are poor.  If you wish at that time, we will gladly re-proof your blanket.  For those who wish to do it themselves, we carry top-quality Nikwax products in our online store.  Visit our blog for more detailed information concerning water repellents.


Insulated Turnout / X-tra Heavy Stable Blankets     $25
Non-Insulated Turnouts / Stable Blankets     $20
Fleece / Wool Coolers     $25
Lightweight Sheets (no lining; no insulation)     $10
Western Saddle Pads (thick)     $15
English & Lightweight Western Pads     $5
Neck Piece / Hood     $5
Bulk Laundry (per pound)     $2
Shipping Boots / Sport Boots (per pair)     $5
Nylon Halter / Nylon Tack (minimum fee)     $2
Water Repellent     $15
Repairs (minimum fee)     $2
NOTE:  For any item requiring extra time for excessive hair removal, additional charges may apply.

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